We select the top Dealers, to teach the most progressive tactics that dealers need to implement into their business for the next year. Your material must help dealers increase sales, cut costs, build loyalty, drive ROI and create a better culture within their business.

Note that the audience is made up of very progressive, hands on, dealership leaders. They are not average and are looking to be stretched. They want to accelerate their business and they thrive on innovation to dominate their markets. The best instructors resonate with dealers by bringing new, forward-thinking practices to drive measurable results.

We will not accept product pitches at training sessions, those are best for trade shows – this is a training event. Please bring your A game to educate the dealers at the tip of the spear of our industry.

What’s in it for you?
Admission ticket to one of the top Learning.
Expand your presence in the Auto Industry.
Meet like-minded Dealers to network with.