Can I list new vehicles on Marketplace?

No. Dealerships can’t list new cars, only used and demo vehicles with approximately 800 kilometers and over can be listed.

Will my listings also appear on the News Feed section of my Facebook page?

No. Dealership listings will appear only on Marketplace, not on a Facebook page (unless deliberately shared to a page).

Are Facebook users able to purchase a vehicle directly on Marketplace?

No. Car purchases can’t be made directly on Marketplace. Marketplace just connects buyers and sellers. Dealership listings will appear with individual sellers’ listings on Marketplace, but buyers can filter between dealership or individual listings when they search for vehicles.

What information or filters will my vehicles show on Facebook Marketplace?

>Shoppers can use a variety of filters such as price range, location, type, make, model year, mileage amongst others to filter vehicle listing on Marketplace.

Can Facebook users see the listings from dealerships outside my local area?

By default, Marketplace shows listings within 40 miles or 60 KMs of a person’s location. People can change this setting as needed when they search for vehicles.

Can I use more than one data aggregator company to list my vehicles on Marketplace?

For best results, dealerships should work with only one inventory partner. Working with more than one partner may result in fewer leads overall from Marketplace.

What if I don’t have a Facebook Business page, can I create one for my business?

Yes. You can create your own Facebook business page so you can connect your inventory to Facebook Marketplace. You can contact our team once you have your business page set up or if you have any questions.

Are there any restrictions on my inventory postings?

Yes. You must have more than 1 image with your posting as well as a purchase price.

How can I connect my inventory to Facebook Marketplace?

Sign up for the service by contacting Tier Six Solutions.